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10231 Cooling Water Flow Detector 2-in FPT

Cooling Water Flow Detector 2-in FPT

* 10231 Cooling Water Flow Detector 2-inch female

Mulit-voltage, works with 12v,24v, 32v

Monitors Marine Engine Raw Water Flow to prevent engine damage due to overheating. Activates a visual or audibile device immediately whenever raw water flow is stopped or impeded is a two wire, non- polarity switch that is Normally Closed (Normally Open available) and opens at 8 to 10 GPM of raw water flow. It stays open until flow slows or ceases and then actives any audible or visual boat alarm.

The Aqualarm Cooling Water Flow Detector is unique in the marine electronic industry, developed and patented specifically for marine engines. It activates an immediate alarm (not included) upon loss of raw water flow to the engine. With today's polluted bays and harbors, it is quite easy to ingest debris or a plastic baggie, interrupting the flow of cool water to the engine. system.

Price   $84.00

Warning Panel, Single Eng
Warning Panel, Single $39.00

Warning Panel, Twin Eng
Warning Panel, Twin $43.00

Barb to Hose Adapter
29008 2 x 2 two each $19.00
29008 2 x 2 four each $38.00

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